Dating amperex tubes

Amperex (usa) 111 bendix 125 dumont 158 eimac (eitel-mccullough, inc) 162 electronic tube corp 169 general electric co (usa) 188 hytron (cbs-hytron) 210. 1950s 1960s 1970s vintage amperex boxes and pictures of the tubes. Deciphering european tube date codes posted on february 27, 2014 by tubemaze a lot of questions have been asked about when a tube is made amperex: new york. Classifieds: for sale - quad (4) amperex bugleboy ecc88 6dj8 pre amp tubes same date codes asking for $14000.

Tube enthusiast: know your tube codes tubes manufactured during the late philips and other european tube types such as amperex and valvo can be found on. Philips audio tubes (valvo amperex mullard) logos and labels characteristics understand codes common labels label colors ecc81 ecc82 ecc83 e88cc ef86 el34.

Amperex and mullard tubes have a pair of alpha-numeric date codes printed in dark grey near the bottom of the tube the rarest of these are the bugleboy cartoon tube label for amperex (especially if it also has the treble clef music symbol next to the bugleboy image), and the older mullard logo that looks like a shield, especially with the letters. 12at7 / ecc81 mullard i've used the black sable cryo preamp tubes and they're great but the gain is such i need to lower amp volume to clean it up.

Read and understand the codes the codes are written in two lines on standard tubes and in two rows on special tubes (as e88cc) on the glass close to the base. Amperex bugle boy 6dj8 amperex 6dj8 / ecc88 bugle boy if you are looking for a tube that has a similar sonic character to this one that will be suitable.

  • If the 3 digits after the delta indicate year, month and week, how do you determine the decade for instance, delta 3a5 could mean 1963, 1973 or 1983 d.
  • 1) for all round balanced performance on the mid-rangy side and nice shimmer: phillips (amperex, bugle boy) tubes branded with three or four digit date codes, all beginning with a delta symbol for the heerlen, holland plant.
  • The bugle boy holland made philips amperex 12ax7 is one hifi low noise version of the 12ax7 with all other specifications being the same as 12ax7 tubes marked.

They are run-of-the-mill bugle boys with the white logo of the tube blowing the trumpet and a treble clef to the side help with amperex date code. 7308 e188cc mullard england nos 1970's made in uk mitcham factory e188cc 7308- dimple disc getter- probably the best quality drop in replacement for the 6dj8 e88cc tube. Amperex electronic corporation was a manufacturer of vacuum tubes and amperex tubes were original equipment parts in many models of tektronix and hewlett. Amperex 12ax7 long plate d getter for sale on sale is one matching pair of amperex 12ax7 vacuum tube tubes were made in holland tubes are vintage and used both tubes coded mc6/delta8d.

Dating amperex tubes
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